I'd like to claim

That 70's Show (TV SHOWS)
Steven Hyde/Jackie Burkhart (PAIRINGS..is that allowed?)
The X-Men Triology (MOVIES)

please&thanks!! :]
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For my first claim...

I would like to claim YOUR MOTHER, in the name of bad taste. Well, not your mother in particular, but "your mother" as a phrase or entity. This way I am entitled to everyone's mother...

Thank you for your support.

last claim

before i couldnt think of what i wanted my third claim to be, now i have, so yeah, can i have Alice in Wonderland the disney movie?

thanks ^_^
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Starbucks Peppermint Mocha :D


*slams head on desk* not like anyone cares but i haven't gotten to banners, maybe another day
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